A dream for an independent children’s hospital in El Paso began over 20 years ago. After four feasibility studies and several different hospital organizations abandoning the idea of the new hospital, that finally changed. In November 2007, the voters of El Paso said “Yes!” to a children’s hospital.
Today that dream is coming true.

In less than a year, in February 2012, the dream will be reality. The El Paso Children’s Hospital will be the largest expansion of pediatric medical services in West Texas in recent history. We will be the first separately licensed children’s hospital in the El Paso Region. It is designed and created especially for kids from the ground up. Every room, from the operating room to the patient room, is designed and furnished with the comfort and the state-of-art technology to meet the needs of children and their families.



•             All Private Pediatric Rooms
•             225,000 square feet
•             50 Neonatal Intensive Care Bassinets
•             22 Pediatric Intensive Care Beds
•             26 beds on 8th floor shelled for future growth
•             One floor dedicated to Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology
•             Four dedicated Pediatric Operating Rooms
•             Pediatric Rehabilitation
•             Outpatient and Inpatient Pediatric Imaging
•             Pediatric Emergency Department
•             First Separately licensed children’s hospital in the El Paso Region

•             El Paso’s only not-for-profit children’s hospital